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About Us

The Krysora team has over 30 years of combined experience in technology and health care data systems and policy. This diverse, yet focused perspective allows us to move companies and organizations to more efficient and effective ways of capturing and processing important data. Read More »

Krysora is an information technology company dedicated to transforming the United States heath care system. Krysora sees the critical and unique opportunity to plan, design, build, implement and support systems that make the exchange and flow of electronic health information more efficient.

This transformation from largely paper-based to electronic delivery of data is the foundation of our work.

The Krysora team has deep experience and expertise in health care domains and public and private health policy. This, combined with an extensive technology and Internet background, is the perfect match for organizations and companies working towards upgrading electronic efficiencies and information systems.

Krysora works with:
- Private health care companies
- Public health policy organizations
- Health technology and information system companies
- Government health agencies